Practical Solutions Now, LLC -
Personal Services
Career Coaching:
Our career coaching sessions will highlight your behavioral strengths and areas for improvement that will help allow you to focus on strategic career decision.
If you are frustrated in your current work position and want to move towards a career that will allow you to feel fulfilled and authentic as well as appropriately compensated, a session with one of our consultants will start you on this path. 
Our coaching/strategy sessions will help develop tangible strategies and a solid plan to either become more fully engaged in your current position or help you transition into a more fulfilling and meaningful career (whether it be a corporate position or entrepreneurial endeavors (including part-time transition into self-employment).   These sessions are also appropriate for recent college graduates who are looking for employment, individuals who are currently unemployed and searching for work as well as a gift for a friend or loved one who is looking to advance and/or change their career.
PSN, LLC has acted in the  capacity of coaches and consultants on a full-time basis for the last five years and we have worked with both individuals and businesses to allow them to maximize their potential.