Practical Solutions Now, LLC -

Consulting Services Offered:

Selection and Assessment 
Design and implement recruiting and selection systems, including structured interviews, tests, assessment exercises, and customized procedures.   Selection assessments utilized include the TTI DISC, EQ,  TTI SALES DISC, and the Wonderlic Personnel Test.

Turnover Management & Recruiting
Diagnose causes of turnover and develop reduction strategies, also including realistic job previews, incentives and exit interviews.

Job Analysis 
Analyze the tasks, duties, knowledge, skills, abilities, and behavioral traits necessary for successful job performance.

Training & Management Development
Design and implement programs to increase worker and management skill and productivity. Trainings conducted include time management, new supervisor/manager training as well as communication and team cohesiveness training.

Skill & Career Development
Design systems to develop employee skills and careers, including career development programs, promotion systems, and skills standards and certifications.

Conduct surveys and develop programs to improve employee engagement, satisfaction, morale, labor relations, culture/climate, customer satisfaction, safety, security awareness, quality, and other topics.

Provide one on one coaching to help employees navigate through challenges that adversely affect both the employee and your business as well as identify opportunities for growth and improvement.